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Quick, Easy and Correct hour registration!

The Time Fidelity app is designed for quick and efficient hour registration on mobile devices. By using new graphical registration methods for mobile devices, and user based registration rules, the registration is done in seconds!

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Overview and documentation

With Time Fidelity continuous hour registration, your timesheet is always up to date. Reports are available for selected time period, customer, project and activity, and can be sent by email as PDF and Excel attachments.

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From the user management system, companies using Time Fidelity Premium manages all users. It’s possible to transfer customer, project, activity and hour type data from other systems, and then transfer timesheet data back again. The user management system includes a reporting module, where reports can be created for all users, giving an overview of total number of hours for customer, project and activity.

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Memory, paper or spreadsheet?

Are you keeping track of number of hours in your head, entering the hours into a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper, every afternoon or at the end of the week? Do you sometimes have problems remember the number of hours, the kind of work you did, when the work was done, who the work was carried out for, or why the work was done?

Time Fidelity is always in your pocket, made for continuous hour registration, in a quick and efficient way. If you for some reason forget to add an hour, you can add it in matter of seconds from wherever you are – any time.

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Mileage record

With Time Fidelity, adding a mileage record as part of an hour registration is quick and easy.

By selecting from a predefined list of addresses including, customer addresses, project addresses, your office address, your home address, your position, previous mileage records – adding a mileage record is done in a few touches. Time Fidelity calculates a route and corresponding distance, based on the selected addresses.

Time Fidelity is not saving any geographical coordinates, only from and to addresses.

Watch this video to see how easy a mileage record can be added…

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